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How to choose a home coffee machine?

1. Taste is king, guarantee mellow aroma
Taste is the essence of coffee. Even the best coffee beans need the sublimation of the coffee machine to produce mellow and delicious coffee. A cup of mellow coffee is mainly determined by four points, namely: coffee bean grinding, extraction pressure, extraction temperature and extraction time.
Therefore, when purchasing a coffee machine, the grinding system of the coffee machine is the key to ensure the mellow aroma of the coffee and bring a high-level coffee experience.
2. Simple operation, one-click generation
Simple operation is another key point of home coffee machines. Home coffee machines are mostly used in the morning, evening or on rest days. The coffee machines are easy to operate and can ensure that you can drink delicious coffee with less time and effort. Fatigue, enjoy the household appliances of life, you can enjoy delicious food with just a few steps, it is better.

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3. Easy to clean and save space
In addition to being easy to operate, household coffee machines should also be easy to clean. If cleaning a coffee machine becomes a major project, the desire to use the coffee machine will soon be lost, and the coffee machine will become an idle product, which defeats the original intention of buying a coffee machine to enjoy a refined life. .
Furthermore, the placement of items in a full space will increase the oppressive feeling of the occupants. A small coffee machine placed outside can be used as an ornament to increase the sense of luxury in the space, even if it is stored, it will not take up a lot of space.