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How to choose contact grill?

When choosing a contact grill, consider the following factors:
Size: Determine the size you need based on how much food you want to cook at once and how much space you have in your kitchen.
Surface area: Consider the surface area of the grill plates, which should be large enough to cook the food you want to make.
Temperature control: Look for a grill with adjustable temperature control so you can cook different types of food at the desired temperature.

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Non-stick coating: A non-stick coating will make cleaning up easier and prevent food from sticking to the grill plates.
Drip tray: A removable drip tray will collect any excess grease, making it easier to clean and reducing the risk of fire.
Indicator lights: Indicator lights that show when the grill is on, preheated, and ready to use can be useful.
Features: Some grills come with additional features like a lid, removable plates, and built-in timers.
Price: Contact grills range in price from budget models to high-end models with advanced features. Consider your budget and the features you need.

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