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How to choose electric kettle

When choosing an electric kettle, consider the following factors:
Capacity: Consider how many cups of water you typically need to boil at one time and choose a kettle with a capacity that meets your needs.
Temperature control: Some kettles have the option to set a specific temperature, which is useful for brewing different types of tea.
Speed: Look for a kettle with a fast boiling time.

Electric Glass coffee kettle 1.7L
Safety features: Look for kettles with automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection to prevent accidents.
Material: Stainless steel or glass kettles are durable and easy to clean, while plastic kettles can retain odors and stains.
Design: Consider the design and size of the kettle to ensure it will fit in your kitchen and match your aesthetic preferences.
Brand reputation: Look for a brand with a good reputation for quality and customer service.
Price: Compare prices and features to find a kettle that fits your budget.