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How to solve the noise problem of electric frying pan

When we use electric frying pans, noise often occurs. The normal noise of Zibo electric frying pans is less than 60 decibels, but many products exceed this decibel, causing great trouble. Here is how to solve the problem of electric frying pans. The noise problem:
1. The heat dissipation holes or air intake holes are blocked, and the heat dissipation holes of the electric frying pan are blocked by the table top. Such blocking makes the normal hot and cold air convection exchange of the induction cooker blocked, resulting in noise.
2. If the pan of the electric frying pan is too thin, it will cause high-speed vibration of the bottom of the pan and produce a sudden sound.
3. Water boiling sound caused by excessive power: Due to the special material of the electric frying pan, the power of the induction cooker will increase, and a very loud boiling sound will be produced when the water is boiling, which can be solved by lowering the gear.
4. The noise of electric frying pans above 2000W is slightly higher than that of ordinary ones. This is because electric frying pans with high power require high-speed fans to dissipate heat. Fans with high-speed fans have strong winds and slightly louder noises. Some customers have reported that on the market Some induction cookers with a standard 2000W will have relatively low noise. That is because the measured power is less than 2000W, which is basically around 1600-1800W, so don't be misled.
After reading the above content, you can easily solve the noise phenomenon of the electric frying pan, so as not to affect our future use and bring more convenience to our life.