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Can an air fryer fry frozen items

When frying food in the air fryer, it is best to thaw it first and then fry it with the air fryer, but food that has not been thawed can also be fried directly using the air fryer. It's just that when frying, it is best to thaw the ingredients at a low temperature first, and then adjust the appropriate temperature for frying according to the selected ingredients. When using the air fryer to fry things, the surface of some things needs to be coated with oil. Doing this The food came out with a more fried taste.
It is best to preheat the air fryer before frying food, because the temperature of the air fryer is converted from electrical energy and then reaches a high temperature. It takes a certain amount of time to convert electrical energy into high temperature. At this time, the temperature in the air fryer gradually rises. High, if you put the food directly at this time, the taste of the food will not be particularly crispy, so in order to make the taste of the food closer to frying, it is best to preheat for five minutes before use.
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