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How to clean an air fryer

The air fryer does not need to be oiled when making food, so it is very convenient to clean, but you need to ensure that the temperature of the air fryer is not too high before cleaning. If you have just used the air fryer to make food, you can let the air fryer stand for 20-40 minutes, which can effectively cool down and prevent us from burning our hands due to the high temperature during the cleaning process. Before cleaning the air fryer, it is also necessary to separate the top and bottom of the air fryer. First, clean the top with a wet towel. If there are many stains on the top, you can use a special oil-stained cleaner and brush the top with a soft brush. This effectively removes the stains and makes it cleaner. Just wipe with a dry towel or dry paper towel when washing the gift, because there is not too much grease on the bottom, so there is no need to brush, and it is best not to use water.
The heating tube on the top of the air fryer may have residual stains. You can soak it in hot water for a while before cleaning, so that the oil stains can be better removed. Then clean the top with a grease-only cleaner and let it dry. The cleaning method of the air fryer is relatively simple. In order to avoid oil residue, it should be cleaned in time after each use.