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Electric frying pan Korean BBQ

Ingredients: pork belly, barbecue sauce, pickle juice, sprite, cooking oil
1. Cut the pork belly into moderately thin slices, put it into a bowl and pour in the sprite that has not been sliced and soak for 10 minutes, pour out the sprite completely, then add the barbecue sauce containing pear juice, mix it well with chopsticks, Pour in three tablespoons of kimchi juice and a little cooking oil (the cooking oil can prevent the meat from sticking to the pan), grab the meat and the sauce evenly, cover with a layer of plastic wrap, marinate for two hours and take it out;
2. Plug in the electric frying pan, spread the meat slices flat in the pot, and turn over the meat slices after they change color;
3. At this time, you can brush a little barbecue sauce on the meat slices (which can increase the color and rich taste), and turn the sides from time to time until both sides are browned and then turn off the heat.