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The principle of espresso machine

The espresso machine is a kind of coffee machine that we can often see. When this coffee machine is working, its coffee pot contains a high-pressure chamber, so when we make coffee, this high-pressure chamber The water in the coffee machine will be heated, thereby producing a large amount of steam, but because the steam cannot be discharged from the entire coffee pot, it forms a high-pressure medium and produces a large amount of steam, but because the cost cannot be small The whole coffee check is also going because of such a principle, the coffee machine environment, the water in the hot water and the test machine will automatically go up the water pipe to turn on the steam, and the steam can be turned on in a very short period of time. Passing through the medium and high pressure cavity and being subjected to the action of steam, it can flow into the filter of the coffee machine, so that it can help us extract the essence of the coffee, and the coffee that is grasped will also be extracted. It will slowly flow out from the bottom.