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How to choose the rice cooker?

1. Appearance selection
Looking at the appearance design of the rice cooker, manufacturers who generally focus on quality are also very textured in appearance. You can observe the appearance design of their products with smooth appearance, good texture and elegant color appearance. It is a good choice.
First, the choice of liner
The inner pot is the part of the rice cooker that directly contacts the rice, so the inner pot of different materials and structures has different effects on the nutritional value of the rice. The surface of the inner pot of the rice cooker is sprayed with special durable non-stick material, and the current common inner pot paint colors are gray, black, etc. Such as black crystal, citrine honeycomb liner; the higher-end rice cooker liner material is better, generally using a multi-layer composite liner structure. The thickness of the inner pot can be seen from the quality of the inner pot. The thicker the material, the better the heat conduction, the better the rice can be cooked and the nutrition maintained.
2. Capacity selection:
The capacity of the rice cooker can be selected according to the population of your own family.
A: 2L is enough for a single dog, no bigger
B: Two-person world 2-3 liters, for a young couple, 2 liters is enough, 3 liters should be careful to prevent friends from eating rice
C: 3-4 liters for a family of three, be careful to prevent friends from eating rice
D: 4 liters of parents and children, some guests come from afar, go out to eat
E: 4-5 liters for three generations in the same house, only the middle generation can eat it, the old and young ones don’t eat much, and the young ones cook separately.
F: Dormitory dinner, 2 liters less, 4 liters more
G: Tooth baby small stew pot 1L

3. Heating type
The current mainstream rice cooker heating methods are:
IH electromagnetic heating 360° heating, the most advanced technology, the best taste of rice
The upper and lower three-dimensional heating rice cooker can ensure better overall heating of food
The chassis heating rice cooker sometimes causes uneven heating of the food up and down
Rice taste: IH electromagnetic heating > three-dimensional heating > chassis heating
The luxury automatic rice cooker can be suitable for different rice quality, whether it is glutinous rice or ordinary rice, it can make the same soft and delicious rice.