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There are many kinds of air fryers on the Chinese market

The kitchen appliance industry is a traditional industry with fierce competition. The urban market has a large population, which has become quite popular. In addition, the introduction of the national real estate regulation policy has reduced the demand for purchasing a full set of household appliances, resulting in a slowdown in the growth of the kitchen appliance market. However, with the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of living standards, new kitchen appliances are gradually accepted by people. In addition, after years of use, gas stoves, range hoods, microwave ovens and other products that were widely popularized in the 1990s have been frequently updated. We believe that the future cities are the main growth drivers of the market. They will be high-tech, energy-saving and environment-friendly new kitchen appliances.

Nowadays, consumers' demand for integrated kitchens is increasing. Through the continuous promotion of the concept of integrated kitchens by home decoration enterprises and kitchen electrical enterprises, enterprises can achieve "one-stop sales" of their products, with more prominent economic benefits. At the same time, consumers can experience the convenience brought by intelligent kitchen appliances.
The working principle of the air frying pan is "high-speed air circulation technology". It generates hot air through the heat pipe in the high temperature heating machine, and then uses a fan to blow the high temperature air into the pan to heat the food, so that the hot air circulates in a closed space. The oil of the food itself is used to fry the food, so that the food is dehydrated, the surface becomes golden and crisp, and the frying effect is achieved. Therefore, the air fryer is actually a simple oven with a fan.