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How to make egg tarts in an air fryer

Ingredients: whipped cream, pure milk, sugar, small tart crust, egg yolk. Steps: Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.
Step 2: Mix together the whipped cream, milk, and sugar.
Step 3: Heat until mashed, mix well and let cool slightly, then add egg yolks to it. At this time, the empty fryer can be preheated in advance.
Step 4: Filter the tart water with egg yolks for the second time.
Step 5: Place the tart crust in the empty fryer.
Step 6: Add the tartar water to 80% full.
Step 7: Bake for 12 minutes.
Step 8. The temperature of the air fryer is milder than that of the oven. Check it after 10 minutes of baking, so that you can better control the temperature and the doneness of the egg tarts.