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How to use the fryer?

The electric fryer is an indispensable kitchen appliance in modern people's life. It can not only fry food, but also cook things. So how much do you know about the use of electric fryer?
1. Before using the fryer, please remove the basket from the pot, rinse the inner pot and basket with clean water, then wipe the surface of the inner pot with water droplets and debris. Put the food to be fried in the wire basket and set it aside;
2. Add cooking oil to the oil pan, then close the lid. The red indicator light of the electric fryer is on, and the oil level in the fryer should be greater than 1/4 of the depth of the fryer when it is in use;
3. After powering up the fryer, simply turn the thermostat clockwise to align the desired temperature value with the red dot. At this time, the green indicator light is on and the red indicator light is off, indicating that the electric heating tube is working, and the oil in the pot starts to heat. When the oil temperature rises to the required temperature, the thermostat will automatically cut off the power supply, at the same time the green indicator light will go out, the red indicator light will be on, and the electric heating tube will stop working.

When the oil temperature drops to the set temperature value, the thermostat will automatically turn on the power, the red indicator light will be off, the green indicator light will be on, the electric heating tube will work again, the oil temperature will rise, and the cycle will be repeated to ensure that the oil temperature is at the set temperature. within the temperature range;
4. Rotate the fryer temperature adjustment button to the desired temperature range (the heating light is on), which means the power is on and heating begins. When the set temperature is reached, the heating indicator light turns off. When the temperature drops, it will automatically heat up again and the heating indicator will light up. Note: The oil level cannot exceed the MAX scale line and cannot be lower than the MIN scale line. Do not leave the operator while the heater is heating, as the heater will keep disconnecting to cycle heating;
5. For fried food, when the temperature rises to the set temperature, slowly put the basket with the food into the fryer so that the basket and food are immersed in the oil and cover (you can use a tool to stir the food, Fry food evenly during operation) to desired state. After frying the food, lift the food with the basket to control the oil, then pour the food into the container. Note: When frying food, do not immerse the food in water or put the humidified food in the oil pan, adding a small amount of water will also cause the oil to splash.