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How to choose an air fryer?

1. Security. First of all, you have to see whether there is a 3c safety mark, which is the basic standard for the quality of the air fryer.
2. Chassis design. For the air fryer to achieve 360° uniform heating in all directions, the design of the chassis is very important. Some air fryer chassis have spiral protrusions, which are conducive to the circulation and convection of hot air and can increase the heating area.
3, the control panel. The control panel is divided into computer control and mechanical control. Their cooking effects are the same, and the main difference lies in the different input methods of control instructions. These two operation methods have their own supporters, and the specific choice depends on personal preference.

4. Easy to clean. The air fryer will stimulate the grease of the food during the cooking process, so cleaning the frying basket is a very important step. The frying basket must be detachable, the material is food-grade, and it is better to have a non-stick coating, which is more convenient to clean.
5. Insulation performance. During the working process of the air fryer, the temperature inside is very high. If the heat insulation performance is not good, the outer surface of the product may cause a hidden danger of scalding. When buying an air fryer, don’t just look at the design, but also consider safety and practicality.

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