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What problems will be encountered when using rice cooker?

Here are some common problems that you may encounter when using a rice cooker:
Rice sticking to the bottom: This is a common problem when using a rice cooker. It can happen if the rice is not properly rinsed or if there is not enough water in the cooker. To avoid this problem, make sure you rinse the rice thoroughly before cooking and use the right amount of water as indicated in the instructions.
Rice overcooking or undercooking: Rice cookers have different settings for different types of rice, so it's important to select the right setting for the type of rice you're cooking. Overcooking or undercooking can happen if you don't set the correct time or if you don't check the rice during the cooking process.
Overflowing: If you add too much water or too much rice, the rice cooker may overflow, causing a mess. To avoid this problem, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the maximum amount of rice and water to use.

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Power failure: If there is a power failure while the rice is cooking, the rice cooker may shut off, and the rice may not cook properly. To avoid this problem, consider using a backup power source, such as a generator or an uninterruptible power supply.
Cleaning: Rice cookers can be difficult to clean if you don't clean them regularly. Rice residue can build up inside the cooker, making it hard to clean. To avoid this problem, clean the rice cooker after each use, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.