TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle Custom

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  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle
  • TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle


TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle

*Family-sized Grill & Griddle Plate - Grill on our family size. The large non-stick grill and griddle plate offers plenty of room to fry eggs, pancakes, bacon and more or get the perfect result on steak and fish, and other meal foods and comes with a tempered glass lid.
*Portable Design & Fun party idea - Easy to plug in and use in your kitchen, a picnic area while camping, or even your own backyard and balcony, simply hook it up to a power source and start grilling up your favorite foods without worrying about smoke.
*Heats up Quickly & Customize Temperature - Techwood indoor smokeless grill with a accurate temperature control, allow you getting the cooking temperature correct from 220° F to 450° F. Maintains that constant temperature throughout the entire cooking process. Your food will be grilled to perfection under the high temperature from the grill heat with an authentic char-grilled texture and BBQ grill marks. Evenly Grilled, Tasty, Juicy and Browned results.
*Non-stick Surface & Easy Cleanup - Food slides right off the non-stick surface making clean up scrub-free! Clean up your electric bbq grill in less than a minute! Grill plate, griddle plate and drip tray can be removed and washed in the dishwasher even wash it by hands, makes clean-up a breeze! That’s another application for removable grill plates and drip tray. Cleaning the grill has never been easier.
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  • Specification
  • Capacity















    Carbon Steel, High temperature PA,Aluminum







    Business type


    Voltage (V)


    Non-Stick Material



    papaer carton/gift box



    Supply Ability

    600000 Piece/Pieces per Month

    Dilivery time

    15days after payment


    Non-stick, BPA FreeMultifunctional,Eco-frendly,Fat deduce 80%,Small noise,chemical free,safe(food-grade)

Company Profile

Coming From China,
Marketing To The World.

Zhejiang Hand-in-Hand Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. is a small home appliance manufacturer that can provide product development, manufacturing, and customization services. The main products are air fryer, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric grill and accessories.

The company was founded in 2013, with an infrastructure investment of RMB 120 million, covering an area of ​​50000 square meters and a building area of ​​70000 square meters. We have over 1200 employees, including a R&D group, a professional technical development team and a high-quality production and quality management team. The talent advantage provides a strong technical guarantee for us to produce a variety of high-quality electrical products, and lays a solid foundation for the company's brand strategy. As TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle suppliers, We have advanced modern production equipment and laboratory testing equipment. We fully implements modern enterprise management internally. The management team is young, professional, technological, standardized, and professional, to escort the quality of electrical products.

Hand in hand electrical appliances advocate energy saving, environmental protection and health concepts, and adhere to the principle of independent product innovation. Our air fryers have more than 20 models and series. The products have won the favor of consumers with their elegant, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, and intelligent features; the custom TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle technology has reached the international advanced level and is sold well in China and Foreign countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia Pacific, etc., With the progress of society, the development of science and people’s continuous pursuit of health and environmental protection, hand-in-hand electrical products have continuously launched innovative products, obtained 3 invention patent, 27 utility model patents, and 16 appearance patents, which fully reflects the hand-in-hand electrical appliances R & D strength and innovation ability

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One-stop Solutions for All Industries

1) Excellent and stable product quality. The custom TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle company strictly implements the procedures of raw material supplier screening audit, incoming material test and incoming material comparison; high-quality production process design and program control, so that each batch of products more stable and traceable, access to efficient production control; Strictly monitor the quality of each batch of products according to the international standard.
2) The product has high cost performance. The company's superior geographical location and capable management team, reduce transportation and human costs; Reduce production cost by strictly controlling purchasing cost and implementing efficient production control; Professional R & D team and technical service team can continuously provide new products with higher cost performance.
3) Continuous and reliable product supply. As TG651 Navy 5.5L Non-stick Electric Skillet Griddle Suppliers, the company has sufficient production capacity and high control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continuous production; The company's complete ERP system, reasonable distribution of the sales and warehousing network and efficient operation mechanism ensure the lead time.
4) Fast and considerate extended service. The company has always adhered to better service, meticulously built an after-sales service team composed of technical backbones, implemented all-weather tracking service, timely visited, exchanged and fed back customers, helped customers solve problems, formed a regular communication and consultation mechanism with customers, established a customer file system, and made efforts to make after-sales service faster and more intimate.

  • Experienced employees & experts are Always At Your Service. A team consisting of a salesman, a merchandiser, a quality director, a shipping director and a graphic Designer will serve you exclusively, which can solve your problems with the product, create attractive pictures&videos and posters, and solve transportation and inspection problems for you.

  • We have a 40 engineers R&D team. Innovation Adds Value to Our Products and Your Projects. With a powerful R&D team, we own the opportunity to face challenges and bring our creative ideas to the market. Achieving IF product design award, Red Dot Award, We understand challenges in kitchen appliances industries and provide solutions to meet your specific production needs. Our industrial design team do deep research of product, though the fashion is changing every day, the faith for beauty will never change.

  • We have 4000 square meters CNAS lab. All our products have the following certification: CE, CB, GS, ETL, UKCA, FDA, RoHS, Reach. Our first criterion is that our products comply with safety specifications. All products have purchased safety insurance with an insurance amount of $8 million.

  • We have 37 assembly lines, which can ensure that the lead time for a 40HQ can reach 20 days at the fastest. We have a number of fully automatic production lines, using high-tech and large data to calculate the daily production efficiency. So as to continuously improve production capacity.

  • The 60 person quality team ensures the reliable quality of your products through 5 links which is IQC, IPQC, PQC, FQC, OQC. Each product will be inspected several times in the process to make sure that each finished product is high quality.

  • Accept L/C and provide a 30 days accounting period to reduce your financial pressure. Sell goods first and then pay.

  • We have 200 injection machine, 6 spraying line, hardware workshop, dust-free workshop for PCBA production, heating coil/plate workshop, etc.The self-control rate exceeds 80% ,which reflect our price advantage.

  • Cooperate with long-term shipping companies to help you complete loading and unloading, customs declaration, customs clearance and port documents through one-stop service, so as to ensure that you can receive your products at the lower price and the faster speed.


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